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Universkin provides remarkable results thanks to its unprecedented system that merges biotechnology and a holistic, personalized approach to treatment that allows doctors to tailor the formulas to each individual’s unique needs.

Alleviate chronic inflammation

Inflammatory skin diseases make up some of the most common problems in dermatology, resulting in rashes, skin itching and visible redness. Universkin’s unique treatments target cells at the core to prevent and reverse the effects of inflammation.

How does la cosmetique one-to-one work?

Imagine Universkin™ as a classy, bespoke cocktail – you define what you want from your skincare, then a clinical staff member identifies your needs by drawing on his experience and expertise, thus creating a unique combination of active ingredients, just for you.
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  • Find a doctor

    Using the “Find a doctor” button at the top right of your screen, submit your place of living to identify and locate the nearby skincare specialists who can assist you in defining your ideal treatment.

  • Complete the questionnaire

    Fill out the Universkin’s interactive questionnaire, based on your lifestyle, environment, current skincare regimen and perceived skin problems. Submit it to your practitioner, in person or via email to allow the doctor a better understanding of your skin’s needs.

  • The doctor provides your skin diagnostic

    Meet with your doctor to discuss your current skincare regimen, concerns and objectives. The doctor will examine your skin, review your completed questionnaire and thus establish a diagnostic. This will be the foundation on which your made-to-measure formula will be created.

  • The doctor selects the active ingredients to personalize your formula 

    The doctor will choose the active ingredients that best target your needs, while you select your preferred texture. In less than a minute, your tailored prescription is prepared before your eyes, and can later be modified to adapt to changes in environmental and lifestyle factors.

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Create your one-to-one formula

Our treatments are founded on a revolutionary skincare base, Universkin™ P. A cosmeceutical formula integrating camelina oil, Vitamin E and biomimetic peptides. Its structure allows for the integration of up to 3 pure active ingredients adapted to your unique skincare needs. 
Cosmectic Base Mod
  • Peptides biomimeticI Nomenclature
  • Vitamin EI Goutte
  • Omega 3I Goutte
  • Hyaluronic acidI Molecule
 Universkin P cosmetic base
Up to 3 pure actives

Our active ingredients

With 19 active ingredients available to choose from that act on the 8 main skin functions, your serum is guaranteed to be meticulously crafted to meet your skin’s unique needs.

Your skin, your texture

Following application of the Universkin P Serum, you may select your preferred texture for the moisturizer to follow. Choose among the Nextultra 1, 2 or 3 Creams, as well as the Balm.