your doctor

We believe that the future of skincare lies in the hands of the doctor, the best person to identify the skin’s needs.

Universkin brings doctor’s logic to skincare

When it comes to skincare and skin health, many people simply purchase whatever is the cheapest, or on the contrary, most expensive, or whatever smells good or looks good…. not knowing what is lurking inside. Don’t rely on labels, promises or fancy packaging. Trust your doctor. Proper skincare works, when applying the right ingredients at the right concentration.

Follow a doctor’s journey with Universkin

At Universkin, we believe that the skin reflects the crystallization of mental & physical health. For us, being comfortable in your own skin starts by forgetting that you have one. Our goal is to provide everyone with access to dermatology-based skincare so they can experience the personal confidence that comes with a healthy, clear, even-toned complexion. Our mission is to actively innovate to bring you better skin.

Doctor’s testimonials

  • Dr Weksberg
  • dr-sapra
  • Dr Joseph Hkei
  • Dr Patel
  • dr-sattler
  • Dr Fred WeksbergCanada

    “Universkin offers me an individualized option to address patients skin care needs. My patients love the personalized formulation and learning about the active ingredients prepared in a serum just for them.”

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  • Dr Sheetal SAPRACanada

    “It’s often difficult to suggest changes to patients that are meticulous with their skincare, but the personalization convinces 100% of them to make the switch.”

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  • Dr. Joseph HkeikAustralia

    “The Doctor-patient relationship is a unique bond between people and I always appreciate spending time with my patients to understand their individual needs.”

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  • Dr Tapan PATELUnited Kingdom

    “Universkin makes my staff understand, with a simple, brilliant color diagnostic system, the attributes of the cosmetic actives and the basics of dermatology and skincare.”

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  • Dr Gerhard SATTLERGermany

    “Patients recognize that their dermatologists not only have expertise in diagnosing and treating skin disease but also in providing routine skin care. I believe that office dispensing is in the best interest of my patients.”

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  • Dr Weksberg
    Dr Fred Weksberg
  • dr-sapra
    Dr Sheetal SAPRA
  • Dr Joseph Hkei
    Dr. Joseph Hkeik
  • Dr Patel
    Dr Tapan PATEL
  • dr-sattler
    Dr Gerhard SATTLER

Who’s behind your success ?

At Universkin, we’re constantly inspired by the work of those ‘behind the scenes’ such as these noteworthy figures that shaped history :
  • Julia-Lennon01

    Julia Lennon

    The mother of John Lennon, Julia played a predominant role in John’s musical education. She offered him his first guitar, an acoustic Gallotone Champion, taught him to play the banjo, and served as John’s ally in his quest for independence and rebellion.

  • John E Martin

    Joe E. Martin

    Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali, was introduced to boxing thanks to a chance encounter with boxing coach and police officer, Joe E. Martin. Upon being robbed of his bike, the 12-year-old claimed he was going to go after the thief, to which Martin responded that he first ought to know how to box.

  • Walter-Sisulu01

    Walter Sisulu

    An anti-apartheid activist, Sisulu recruited Nelson Mandela into the African National Congress, or ANC, in the 1940s and served as his mentor. Sisulu later stated that he instantly sensed Mandela’s leadership potential and the value he could bring to the advancement of the political party.

  • Your doctor is the right person for the job
    Your doctor is behind you skin success

    Behind any great success lies the story of those who were in the shadows, contributing to the final achievement. Such is the case with flawless skin: your perfect complexion results from the personalized care of your doctor, who meticulously chooses the active ingredients best adapted to you.