Mammoplasty, or plastic surgery of the breasts, can be divided into different categories.
Augmentation mammoplasty is done to increase the breast size or to uplift and recontour the bust. Implants, which are comprised of a silicone shell filled with either saline or silicone gel, are placed under or over a chest muscle. Breast augmentations are minimally invasive procedures.
Reconstructive mammoplasty is generally done following a mastectomy (as a treatment for breast cancer), to restore a desired appearance of the breast. The chosen contour and volume is created with either implants or a woman’s own tissue.

Reduction mammoplasty is done to reduce the breast size and is generally conducted by removing excess breast tissue via an acurved incision under the breast. Women may seek this procedure to alleviate neck or back pain caused by the weight of their breasts.