Frequently Asked Questions

  • About your skin

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      • Why a personalized formula?

        At Universkin we are a community of doctors. As doctors we see you as an individual, and we can create a unique product which corresponds to your specific skin needs and your actual environment. As your environment changes, we can change your serum to suit you.

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      • I have very sensitive skin. Can I use the P serum?

        Your doctor will work with you to ensure that suitable active ingredients are mixed into your serum to be formulated specifically to your skin and its needs.

      • My skin is neither sensitive or inflamed, is Universkin P serum right for me?

        Your P serum can be carefully formulated to be gentle on the skin without compromising on its efficacy. Your doctor will work with you to accommodate all your skin concerns while creating your unique formula.

      • Is the Universkin P serum suitable for all skin types/colours/ethnicities?

        Since the Universkin P serum is tailored specifically to your skin the doctor is able to use actives that are suitable for your skin type and colour. Regardless of your skin dysfunctions or origin, we can treat you!

      • Can I use the serum if I have a skin condition? (ex. eczema/psoriasis)

        Every condition is different and may react differently to the actives, so we recommend that you discuss your skin condition with your doctor at the consultation before using the serum.

      • Can I use the P serum if I am pregnant or nursing?

        We recommend that you confirm with your doctor before starting the treatment. Some active ingredients may not be suitable for you, for example retinol and isoflavones are not recommended to be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

      • When will I see the results?

        Results may vary depending on your specific formulation. In general, you can expect to see improvement in inflammation within 2-6 weeks, and 6-12 weeks for wrinkles and spots.

  • About your doctor

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      • Is it mandatory to make appointment with a doctor?

        We have implemented an online questionnaire that uses Artificial Intelligence to help the doctor make a diagnosis based on your responses. However, since the serum contains medical grade active ingredients, the skin diagnosis must be approved by a doctor trained by Universkin.

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      • Can I only purchase the products through a doctor?

        The Universkin line uses medical grade actives offered exclusively through registered doctors and clinics.

      • Duration of the process?

        To get started with your skin diagnosis, you must fill out the online questionnaire. This usually takes between 5-10 minutes. Once your diagnosis is received, you will be contacted by your doctor to make an appointment for a consultation. The consultation will take roughly 10 minutes for your doctor to review how to use the product and address your skincare concerns. Finally, your P serum will be freshly mixed in front of you, this takes less than 5 minutes.

      • I submitted a questionnaire, when will I get the diagnosis?

        Please allow 48 hours for the doctor to contact you.  If you don’t hear from your doctor 72 hours after submitting your questionnaire, please contact us and we will get your product to you as soon as possible.

  • About your formula

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      • How much does a custom P serum cost?

        Your one-to-one skincare includes the doctor’s consultation fees and the cost of Universkin skincare kit. The price for one bespoke serum may vary between 100 and 150 euros. Should you choose not to purchase the Universkin skincare kit after the consultation, you will only be charged the doctor’s consultation fee.

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      • What is the lifespan of the serum?

        Since the Universkin P serum is a fresh product it is recommended that it is used within 2 months of being mixed. However, if it is kept in a fridge, the product can stay fresh for up to 6 months. We advise that you keep the box to remember the formulation date.

      • Is the product travel-friendly?

        Yes! Your personalized serum is travel-friendly! However, the serum must be kept away from heat sources, and out of places with sudden temperature changes.

      • Does the Universkin P serum replace all my other products?

        Your doctor is the best person to judge whether your daily skincare routine will go with the Universkin serum. Our goal is to simplify your skin care routine by incorporating all your skins needs into one bottle!

      • Is the serum made with natural ingredients? Was it tested on animals?

        The Universkin P serum is a minimalist formula. The functional ingredients are natural such as camelina oil and hyaluronic acid. It is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. The product was not tested on animals.

      • Does the serum protect against UV rays?

        Your personalized P serum should be used alongside the appropriate complementary care. The Nexultra line offers a UV cream to protect from the sun. The serum itself does not contain SPF.

      • Can active ingredients be purchased separately to be used as a spot treatment or to be mixed in with the creams I already own?

        No, the active ingredients can only be purchased in combination with the base P serum to be freshly mixed at the clinic.

      • How to use the bottle.

        The Universkin P serum bottle is designed to maintain the freshness of the product. To release the serum, turn the bottle upside down above your fingertips and pinch the neck.

      • What creams are compatible with my P serum?

        We recommend that you explain your current routine to your doctor and they will help you to adjust your skin care routine accordingly.