Liposuction is a surgical procedure done to remove stubborn body fat, notably around the hips, stomach, thighs and buttocks. It does not, however, remove cellulite. Liposuction can be carried out at a doctor’s office or surgery centre; however, verification is first necessary to assure the facility is accredited, as well as being known for its high professional standards, safety, and optimum results.

Recovery period depends on the type of liposuction utilised, and swelling, bruising and soreness is expected for several weeks. Generally, patients can return to work within several days, and resume normal activities after two weeks.

A possible serious risk of liposuction is a deep vein blood clot, while other general risks include strep or staph infection, fluid build-up, damage to nerves, blood vessels and lungs, experiencing skin numbness sensations, and others as well.