Laser Spots Treatment

Laser spot treatment is a procedure to address discoloration, brown and red spots, redness, surgery scars, some forms of acne scarring, stretch marks and even tattoo removal. Although not 100% effective, it is the most beneficial option. It works by heating the haemoglobin in below-the-skin capillaries, which results in upper layers of skin sloughing off, so new healthy skin will replace it. The lighter the skin, the more effective this treatment will be, and the more sensitive the skin, the less successful the result. This procedure requires multiple visits, and optimally should be accompanied by other regular skin treatments.

It is strongly recommended to have this medical procedure carried out by a medical doctor. In having brown or red spots removed, they should be first evaluated by a dermatologist to be sure they do not need a biopsy. Cease use of oral retinoids for a minimum of six months prior to the procedure to reduce risk of scarring.